Let your people be our problem!


Watch Your Back Ireland brings more than a decade of experience in people
management across a hugely diverse portfolio of businesses, with a caring touch and small business mentality.


Although you may not require a HR department on a daily basis, at Watch Your Back Ireland we recognise the need for small businesses to have someone they can call on for help or advice without breaking the bank.


Remember, HR compliance is not a luxury it’s a legal requirement, so
make sure you’re covered! Let us be your compliance champions and you’ll have someone to Watch Your Back.


We offer 1:1 consultation calls where we help both employers and employees in a variety of areas.

1:1 Consultation

We work with you 1:1 on any work-related issue you may have. We offer 15-minute, 60-minute and Emergency video consultation calls.

Tailored Service

We tailor each consultation call to suit your needs. We will provide follow up information and suggestions after your session to assist you.


We have many helpful resources and documents available for employers and employees to download from our website.

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